The Glue Down Method to Install Hardwood Flooring

The glue down method, which is one of most popular methods for laying hardwood floors, is also the most basic. This is the best method to install hardwood flooring. Do it yourself hardwood floors will last longer than the glue down method. The glue down method is the best way to install hardwood flooring, continue reading here.

Installation of hardwood flooring requires the use of certain tools

Square Notched trowel – The trowel should not exceed one quarter inch in size to allow glue to be applied.

Broom and dustpan- Clean up any sawdust in the connecting joints or under your floor boards. It is important to have a smooth floor after installing hardwood flooring.

Carpenter’s Crayon – This can be used to mark the places where your panels are going to be cut. This can be used to mark your panels’ surfaces. This document is vital to have ready for glue down. It is critical that everything is completed precisely.

Circular Saw – You’ll use your circular saw for cutting the panels you need. You’ll also need your circular to score your substrate sheet approximately every eight inches. This is vital to prevent panels from curling.

Glue-Many of the hardwood panel kits include their glue. Bostik’s Best adhesive glue is the best for hardwood paneling.

Lace Nails are used to connect the panels to a wall and the strips to the Wall.

Plywood Substratesheets – These are placed on top of concrete and run beneath your hardwood flooring.

Soft Cloths can be used to remove excess glue when installing hardwood flooring. You will need to take additional steps to remove glue if it has set. Sometimes glue can sometimes be removed with special chemicals. When installing hardwood floors, soft cloths are needed.

Rubber gloves: It is far easier to stick your hands to rubber gloves than it is to use your fingers. After installing hardwood flooring, it is not unusual for people to feel uncomfortable due to sticky glue.