Use Grilling to Produce Delicious BBQ Recipes

BBQ Grilling Techniques

In other articles we have described the differences between barbecuing and grilling grills on a BBQ grill. We suggest that you take a look at this article for further details on the differences. However, as a summary, grilling is cooking your food on an open BBQ grill with a high temperature (i.e. around 600 degrees F) typically for short amounts of time. Click here!

If grilling is done right, it can create delicious barbecued meals in a short time. When cooking beef, lamb or pork the grilling process creates an emulsion-like crust on the exterior of the meat. This crust seals in juices of your food and contributes to the overall flavor.

There are a myriad of pages on BBQ grilling online. This article has been designed to give you an overview of the fundamentals of grilling techniques.

This method has been broken into five major steps, which focus on the cooking of various kinds of meat.

Five Steps to Successful Charcoal Grilling

Make use of a wire-brush to cleanse your BBQ grill’s cooking grate before you begin grilling. This step is often overlooked by barbecue lovers. However, if you fail to do this, the food particles which have accumulated since the grilling session you just completed could create unpleasant tastes.

It’s an excellent idea, after cleaning your barbecue grill to spread cooking oil on its surface. This will keep food from sticking to the grill when cooking.

Step 1 – Begin the grill and add charcoal.

Some people use wood to make their BBQ grills, but the majority of consumers use lump charcoal, or Briquettes. No matter what fuel you decide to use it’s important to create a layer of hot coals that extends at least three inches in excess of the area you’re planning to cook your meat. It’s likely to cook unevenly in the event that your food is too close to the burning coals.

There are several different ways of lighting your charcoal once you’ve measured out the amount required. The chimney opener is the ideal choice. If you grill often it is the most efficient method. It’s quick and stable.

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