What Features Must a Church App Have

You want to introduce your church to the digital age using a brand-new app, read here. That’s a great idea. However let’s verify that you have the right features for church apps before we start topping on our smartphones. Because let’s face facts, we don’t want an app that is just marginally more functional then a submarines screen door.

Your program should be accessible to everyone. You don’t want your church members to be unable use your tech-savvy app. Your members will find it quickly if it isn’t easy to use.

You should also include an events schedule. It is possible for your members to RSVP right from the app. This allows you to keep them informed on future events and activities. It is quite convenient.

Online donation is an important component. It will make your life easier and enable you to accept donations online even if there are no services. Make sure you have a secure way to pay for donations so that your members can make confident donations.

A staff directory is another crucial component. Your church’s key personnel can be reached quickly and easily by your members. The app can also provide sermons and other media. Your app should allow your members access the materials from your church on the go, so they can stay connected even if they aren’t physically present.

Also, ensure your app is editable. You can ensure your app captures the essence and aesthetic of your congregation. Our professional staff is always available to help you and answer any questions.

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